Water Proofing for Gunniting RCC & Brick Area

RCC bored cast-in-situ piling by DMC method or by bailor-casing method in normal soil and difficult soils too of diameter between 400 mm to 1200 mm for different structures including bridges. Other than straight shaft, bored piling, we also undertake under reamed pile. LOAD TESTING OF PILE by Static method and by Dynamic method.

  • Static method by maintained load, by cyclic and by CRP in compression, tension and lateral direction to asses static capacity of pile.
  • Dynamic method of load test also assess the static capacity of pile by PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer), model PDA-PAX. This dynamic load test is time and cost saving.
  • We also undertake Pile integrity test by PET method to check shape, length and continuity of pile shaft.
Muzzamil Water Proofing