Water Proofing for Injection Groting Rcc Area

Water bound technology negative treatment, create by back filling material a new wall behind a wall or below raft slab one new more slab without breaking existing surface. Simply we drill pour by hydraulic pressure back filling material soil stabilizers slurry/ siloxane/polyurethane/epoxy as per our technician and site location engineer advice. Grouting is work blind operation like we stand behind a curtain and suiting a target by closing eyes, sense of past experience open and gassing power, with some instrument. By our treatment we block all capillary tracks and cavity .that's why entering water or gases stop by blocking and stops outside of wall. Grouting is the systematic injection of cement based slurry into soil.Furthermore shaking wave's effect earth plat structure vibration there is no chance for leakage and opens the mouth of capillary track. this work related civil work by treatment cure like a human body treatment .patient require medicine gives a dose and check body change doses, and treat up end of the day He should gates normal cure. For new innovation any field and negative treatment Cure never bind within time frame. Whenever anyone need 100 % positive result. Geological structure situation always, differ structure to structure. Thumb rule never apply and success.

Muzzamil Water Proofing